August Goal: Create first mobile iOS app & Advance Developer Certification

Welcome August, time really flies so fast. I’m setting a couple of goals to complete before August ends to get things crossed out from my 2011 Todo List.

I’ve been doing alot of reading and studying on iOS for almost 5 months and need to really get something off the shelf so to speak. For my first application I got some ideas from my wife who owns a preschool. This would be an educational app for preschool kids. I’ll be leveraging a little bit of on the app.

Also I’ve been a certified certified developer since last year November 2010. Time to prep up my skills and move to bigger and tastier things like getting the Advanced Developer exam, this focuses more on the programmatic side of building apps using

So looking forward to cracking the shell this August.

First Impression with Android SDK and Xcode

I am officially working on a WAMP setup with Eclipse as my IDE. I used a Mac before and setup was MAMP and IDE was Dreamweaver. Now I got a new MacBook Pro and I want to dive in mobile development.

So digging into Android and to iOS with their SDK and testing how fast I can easily pick up writing a Hello World app. Coming from a background of using Eclipse as my IDE I found developing on Android a bit easier. I downloaded the Android SDK loaded it to Eclipse, downloaded some API  packages and created a Virtual Device to demo my Android app. Language used is Java which I have some limited experience writing with on Apex( language used for So I got the Hello World app running in a short time.

On Mac side the Xcode download is huge around 4 GB +, reason is that it includes all the libraries, samples and documentation, to get started fast I opted to use the one on the CD installer for Mac which has an older version of Xcode and still iPhone OS not iOS. Installation was quick. Writing my first Hello World though was not quick mostly because I am totally unfamiliar with Objective C but the development tools are fast unlike Eclipse which takes a bit of processing.

My impression is based on SDK, tools and the language.

For SDK I give it to Xcode. For the size of the download though is quite huge for XCode but with the Android SDK and AVD Manager you also need to download packages which eventually are quite huge downloads as well.
For IDE though its like XCode vs Eclipse, I find Xcode cleaner, faster and really better.  Even if I have been a long time Eclipse user, Eclipse sometimes lags while processing actions.

For the language this is kinda biased but I prefer Java as it seems more universal than Objective C.

But still working on learning both.

Getting into mobile development

Since I’m coming close to wrapping up one of my goals for these year which was  to get into a photography class and finally learn the ins and out. Moving forward on my own I need to learn next the different lighting techniques  which will mold my skill in photography further. I’m just waiting for the release of our certificates this month, I’m moving on to my next goal.

As one of my goals this year was to get into mobile development, I already own an Andriod phone an HTC Hero I bought last year to learn Andriod which didn’t really took off as fast I wanted to, today I bought my wife a 2nd hand Iphone 3G which I can actually use to demo apps that I would be building. I’ll be getting a 13 inch MacBook Pro next month March so everything will be in full swing by then.

For now I’ll be digging deep in the Andriod SDK, will post more soon.

iPhone card counting app raises concerns in Nevada casinos

Officials at the Nevada casinos were given a tip about a particular application used for counting cards for Black Jack that runs on iPhone and iPod Touch. Players caught can face up to 6 years in prison. If you watched the movie “21” its a method of attempting to keep track of the number of face cards, aces and 10s in the multideck Blackjack shoe, now this is not illegal but using a device to do so is illegal. Amazing how people come out with ways to beat the table.


Read more here.