CTRL + W on Firefox

Found a irritating bug on Firefox, while studying Flex I made Firefox my default browser. So when I run my application it loads on Firefox. But it seems like for sites rendered in flash, the keyboard shortcut CTRL + W for closing tabs doesn’t work. File – Close Tab menu though works. So I have to manually x out to close the tab. Would be great if this bug was solved specially for Flex developers using Firefox.

More on this bug here.


*Update* With FireFox 3.5 this bug has been addressed. With full flash sites or flash content currently focused you can hit CTRL + W and the tab closes. Yey!

The ga_shade div tag from Google Analytics on Firefox

After some tweaking on my blog theme, I re-added the Google Analytics code, an absolute div tag generated by the GA javascript code created an overlay on top of my page, everything underneath was unclickable and this was only in Firefox.
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