Make money online with your photographs

Another tip on how to make money online if you have the skills in photography is to sell them to stock photography agencies. There are alot of people looking for stock photos and yours might just be sitting in your hard drive.

I have tons of snaps taken from past photoshoot chances but currently I have been very busy at work, to get me inspired to take more good photos and enhance my skills I thought of selling my photographs I signed up to (As a good source of inspiration is someone’s appreciation of your work and willing to pay for them) plus also this could be a great stream of passive income if managed right. Image rates range from $0.25 to $28.00 USD per download. The payout is via Paypal so its very easy. So testing the waters before I try other websites which are also well established like, and

So if you’re a hobbyist like me start checking out the sites I listed above and earn from your photographs. I’m hobbyist/amateur/novice photographer and not really a professional, I’m not fond of wedding photography or covering events. I just like to capture art and the moment.