July Mac Update Roundup

Mac Update Roundup
When Apple makes an update its totally goes with a bang.
Update 1: Yesterday the Mac OS X Lion got release with a hefty 4G download and tagged at $29.99 from the Mac App Store.
My rig is ready and I got the latest versions of Snow Leopard but still hesitant with this kind of OS updates Im not an early adopter, I’ll wait it out for another week to see user reviews and most definitely Im sure that there are some bugs to work out.

Update 2: Also a nice refresh is the MacBook Air getting i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge power, OS X Lion and Thunderbolt. This MacBook Air is reported as 2.5x faster.
I got hold of MacBook Air Core 2 Duo couple of weeks ago and my first impression is its really underpowered and slow. Looking forward to the new refresh.
Shot MacBook Air with 13″ MBP.
Update 3: Also the Mac Mini got an update to Sandy Bridget i5 and i7, I was thinking of getting an iMac since it already got Sandy Bridge refresh couple of months ago, now the Mac mini option is looking like a sweet deal to take for those budget strained. Those that want to get in developing apps for Mac and iPhone this should get you started.
Update 4: Notice something different with Apple store site, there is no signs of the plain ol’ MacBook. I thought it was due for a refresh as when I dropped by couple of weeks ago to an Apple store and they dont have any stock. And its official this product line has been discontinued. So no more plastic unibody.

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