Fix: Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported

There seems to be a bug for software installers created with InstallAnywhere. Wherein the downloaded installer unpacked when the installer initializes it throws an error and installation never occurs. Sounds familiar? Just sharing this information since I got stuck googling for about an hour or two about it without finding a fix applicable to me.

Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode.

Screenshot below.

1. From google results = that there is an invalid character like @#$%^&  etc in your Windows account name, remove the character from the User Accounts in the Control Panel and try running the installer again.

2. And for my fix. The above scenario is not applicable to me, I checked the path of installer in the PC and see if there is any invalid characters in the folders, turns out the folder it was saved under is labeled !Miscellaneous with exclamation point, so I simply renamed and issue is fixed.