Excited for my new internet connection

With my line of work I need consistent internet connection. My Comclark cable plan of 512kbps has been disappointing lately and worst instead of the trend of plans/bandwidth to get cheaper, Comclark thinks otherwise their 512Kbps plan is now 1350 pesos for new subscribers while old subscribers are retained to 888 pesos a month. Their 1mb plan is tagged ridiculously on 4000 pesos a month.

So I shopped around for a new ISP. Here in Angeles, Pampanga my options in priority are PLDT DSL, Globe Broadband and Digitel. I already tried Smartbro a couple of years ago and I discontinued their service, it was unbearable before and their customer service is almost none existent though it has been almost 2 years, I still wouldn’t risk it even if they say they have better service now.

PLDT though on the other hand is loosing alot of potential customers in our area for they always have full slots. So I opted for the next option which is Globelines for 995 pesos a month you get 1MB. I subscribed a couple of days ago, processing is 5-7 days and hopefully I would be connected by next week, plus there is a seems to be an existing promo unannounced wherein you save 200 pesos from the 1mb you only pay 795 for a month, don’t know when the promo will end but its limited time.

Now I’m thinking if I should drop my comclark plan or just keep it for backup. I already have Globe Tattoo prepaid when there is no free wifi when not at home as I can use that for backup too.