Excited for my new internet connection

With my line of work I need consistent internet connection. My Comclark cable plan of 512kbps has been disappointing lately and worst instead of the trend of plans/bandwidth to get cheaper, Comclark thinks otherwise their 512Kbps plan is now 1350 pesos for new subscribers while old subscribers are retained to 888 pesos a month. Their […]

Capturing from a miniDV to a PC

Well this is sort of a short review and a tutorial on how to capture from a minDV Sony handycam to your PC. But before that here are some background. I still have this Sony DCR-HC48 camcorder that I bought couple of years ago back when HD camcorder were still pretty expensive about $800-$1500. With […]

How big is a petabyte

I heard about terabytes which is 1000 gigabytes, but not petabyte. With all people storing music, taking pictures, storing videos, HD movies, games etc, documents, database backups etc on to their computer. It’s amazing how storage needs to get bigger and bigger to accomodate these files. Mozy one of the leading online backup services I […]

HP Mini 2140 unboxing review

In the spirit of unboxing new gadgets, I’m posting some unboxing photos and my review for the HP Mini 2140 I got for my wife. After researching the best bang for the buck for what UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) to get. Commonly known as netbook as a more general term but other PC makers don’t want to call their products as such. Narrowed down my choices to the HP Mini 2140 10.1 inch and the Gateway LT3102i Ultra Slim Laptop 11.6″. But after much comparison I went with the HP Mini 2140 considering the sleek aluminum design and the keyboard size plus I prefer HP products.

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Enabling a New Installed SATA Drive

Just got a new SATA drive, if you have your primary drive as an IDE and install a new SATA drive, it won’t show up instantly when you go to My Computer. That is because the drive is not formatted yet. To fix this you need to format the drive and assign a label. Here […]