Free Virtualization for Dummies Ebook

Saw this in my mail, just sharing to keep the information flowing.

Virtualization for Dummies – Sun and AMD Special Edition is now available! Published by the same folks who create all the “Dummies” books – this special edition version showcases Sun and AMD virtualization offerings, how they work together, and how they can benefit businesses. Learn about the latest virtualization technologies with this brief and easy-to-read booklet. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking about being a freelancer

I already tried working for corporate then went freelance, then a short gig in government and now I’m back to freelancing.

I find freelancing more fruitful and there is always room for improvement. You don’t stop learning. It’s having your own business and how you promote it.

If your graphics designer, web designer or web developer, writer or consultant, you need to have some tools in your gear to bag clients and have continuous projects.

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Social Knowledge Content Highway

Back then when we describe the Internet we talk about it being the Information Highway, term social knowledge content wasn’t coined yet. When looking for some quick answers, the results on searches most often times have already been asked on forums or mailing list. Mailing list and forums are of the original types of social media content, now emerging from social media content are social knowledge content. What is it exactly? It is where users share their knowledge on the subject matter and all of these are collected and made easily accessible. Almost anything under the sun is available.

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July’s startup buzz Knol and Cuil

Last July, a new product from Google named Knol similar to Wikipedia was launched, a social content sharing network. The criteria for articles and to be an editor is more tougher than in Wikipedia but you can expect great content. You can also earn online in Knol for you can put Adsense on the articles posted, similar to how you do it with blogspot. The more traffic your article generates the more possibility of earning through clicks on ads. Knol has already gotten alot of backlinks, new and likely to be a hit.

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